Amy (Root) Clements

Professor, editor, writer. Advocate of words that rise above the roar.


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I'm an associate professor in the English Writing and Rhetoric program at St. Edward's University, a premier liberal-arts school founded in the Texas hill country more than a century ago. Beyond the hilltop, I have served the publishing industry for more than 25 years, applying my copywriting and copyediting skills to several hundred projects. 

As an undergraduate, I studied advertising and English at The University of Texas, which led to a career in publishing and PR in Austin, which led to lots of business trips to New York. Many frequent flier miles later, I moved to Brooklyn and worked in management-level marketing positions in Manhattan.

In August 2001, after six years on the east coast, I packed my new Subaru to the brim, ordered a TripTik from AAA, and headed back to the land of big skies, big hair, and much bigger apartments. I had completed an MFA in Creative Writing at The New School and was ready to embark on a new path as a professor.

That's also when I launched The Wordshop, my one-woman marketing communications and editing business. My former colleagues at Random House became my first clients, and a group of gifted, very patient English majors became my first students. I definitely have the best of both worlds. 

In 2010, I defended my dissertation for yet another degree from UT. This research led to the publication of The Art of Prestige, my book about the early history of the Knopf publishing house. I also got married that year: Prof. Root became Dr. Clements. My husband, architect and urban planner Andrew Clements, is a great source of creative inspiration. Our child is a shelter cat named Cecilia, who runs my office and is always looking for opportunities to practice her typing.